Job Classification: 

Full Time, Student Ministries Staff, Reporting to the Executive Director of Student Ministries

Job Overview:

The Director of Children’s is directly responsible for leading the Children’s Ministry at New Mercies Christian Church Responsibilities include Sundays, midweek programming, content development and engagement, and special events. The Director of Children’s Ministry will be directly responsible to the Senior Director of Student Ministries.


  • Continue to grow spiritually and professionally through reading, listening to training resources, taking classes and attending any conferences and seminars applicable.
  • To personally pursue a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ and to set a Christ-like example in words and actions for the children and adults.
  • Profess faith in the Lord God and spend regular time talking with Him and reading His Word.
  • In agreeance with the Church’s statement of faith

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Cast the vision for a vibrant Children’s Ministry that will allow kids to experience God, not just learn about Him, in a relevant and relational way.
  • Develop a dynamic leadership team of volunteers through providing resources and training and implementing appreciation strategies
  • Collaborate with social media coordinator to use effective modes of communication including emails, Facebook, Twitter, mailings, etc. designed to keep families engaged and informed of current programs and events
  • To oversee the Nursery and Children’s Ministry at New Mercies Christian Church, inclusive of other contracted employees within Nursery or Children’s department.
  • To develop Sunday morning programming to reach each child on their level.
  • Share the love of Jesus with the children of our church and community.
  • Actively work towards helping every child grow in their faith.
  • Oversee the Children’s Ministry, Nursery, and Online volunteers. To recruit, train, and encourage adult leadership to lead Sunday morning, Wednesday nights, and online services.
  • To help parents be involved in the spiritual formation of their child’s life.
  • To make decisions on the most effective programs to impact our children.
  • To annually develop and oversee the Children’s Ministry budget so it effectively and wisely utilizes church resources and maximizes ministry opportunity.


  • Participate in meetings, providing up-to-date information about the ministry.
  • Keep the Senior Director of Student Ministries thoroughly informed of any concerns and future plans.
  • Maintain excellent relationships and open communication with all contractors and volunteers.


  • Gifted in leadership.
  • Strong relationally.
  • Effective recruiter and team player.
  • Solid organizational skills.


  • Undergraduate degree preferred.
  • Some experience leading or assistant leading in a large church setting.

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20th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
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