Starz – Middle School

We strive to present holistic ministries that connect every young person, from nursery to young adults, to God.

iStudy is our Wednesday night small groups for youth and it is divided by grade levels.  It is designed to create intimate settings for our students, so that they are able to learn Biblical principles while having fun.

Worship Services are held every 2nd and 4th Sundays.  These services are for our 226 Children’s Ministry, Starz Middle School ministry and our Riz’N High School Ministry.  We use drama, multimedia, music and a sermon that give strength and comfort for wherever our students are on their Christian journey.  There is something for everyone in our services.

Outreach/Community Service is when we allow our students to give back and share the Word of God with the community.

Our Ministries leave no shortage of opportunities for those who love students to volunteer.  In fact, we like to think that anyone can find a ministry that fits their gifting and calling perfectly.  Student Ministries gives all of us an opportunity to give back.  We know that you are able.  The question is, are you willing?

  • Starz Middle School Ministry

Starz is ministry that was specifically designed to reach our students who are in the 6th – 8th grades. Starz Middle School Ministry prides itself on being the spiritual bench mark for many of our students as they face the challenges in their schools, homes, and society at large.

Like the other ministries within Student Ministries, Starz Middle School Ministry focuses on the building of relationships and the establishment of a community environment. Through community and personal relationships we further increase the potential of students gaining a personal relationship with God through discipleship.

For more information, please email Minister Joshua Scruggs.

  • Worship Service

Youth Worship Service: 2nd-4th Sundays

•   The Experience: High School (Riz’n) 
-  Location: Youth Building
•   The Quest: Middle School (Starz) Students 
-  Location: Ministry Suites
•   The Discovery
: Pre K – Elementary (226) Students
 – Location: Rm 106
•  *Youth Explosion: All of Student Ministries celebrates Jesus together in Main Sanctuary – 5th Sunday

Wednesday Bible Study / iStudy: 7:00pm
•    High School  (Riz’n)
 –  Location: Rm 106
•    Middle School (Starz) Students
 – Location: Rm. #105
•    Pre K – Elementary (226) School Students 
– Location: Classrooms

Mentoring Opportunities

  • Rites of Passage Ministry

Rites of Passage is a Christian Journey.  The ministry helps with the development of Jr. High and Sr. High students in the knowledge and understanding of God.  Encouraging them to aspire to live a Christ centered life thus becoming a role model for other youth.

If you are interested, please contact email us.

  • Young Gunz

This is a discipleship program that walks with young men ages 11 – 18 to help them grow in their faith, build lasting friendships and become servant-leaders. The objective is to help them develop and maintain constructive relationships, equip them to become positive role models within their  family, school and community, plus prepare the high school participants to become a coach to middle school boys.

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20th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
Pastor Curney and Sister Curney, the members of New Mercies Christian Church are thankful for your leadership, ministry and service for the past 20 years! Your kindness and generosity have been a blessing to every member of our church family! Thank you for your service to the families, congregation, community and everyone whose life you have touched! We have celebrated the 20th Church Anniversary, and now we want to celebrate YOUR 20th Pastoral Anniversary! Click the button for information on how you can celebrate the 20th Pastoral Anniversary of Senior Pastor Jesse Curney, III and Sister Aleana Curney!
Join us as we celebrate the 20th Pastoral Anniversary of Pastor Jesse Curney, III and Sister Aleana Curney!
20th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
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