This Department provides support and encouragement to those who are facing challenging circumstances.  They go out in ministry representing the pastor, staff, and membership of New Mercies Christian Church.  The ministers become a visible reminder of God’s presence during times of pain and sorrow.  The major areas of responsibility are in the areas of Hospital and Bereavement Ministries.


Our pastoral ministers daily visit our members and their relatives when they are hospitalized to offer prayer and comfort during their hospital stay.  A federal law greatly restricts the disclosure of patient information by hospitals. As a result, the Pastoral Services office may not know that a member of the church has been admitted to the hospital.

If you are hospitalized, it is important that you (or a family member) inform the Pastoral Services office as soon as possible. Please call us at 770-925-8600 and give us:

  • Patient name
  • Hospital name
  • Hospital room number with telephone number, if available


A death of a family member can be a very difficult time to go through.  When the Pastoral Services is notified of a death the ministers contact the family as soon as possible, offer scripture and prayer support, and assist with funeral plans and arrangements, if needed.  Our Pastoral Services is designed to provide spiritual guidance and compassion during this time.

To notify us about a hospital visit or bereavement, please call our 24-Hour Pastoral Services pager numbers, (678) 276-0453 or (678) 276-0451.

Elder Vaughn Sanders: Executive Director of Pastoral Services

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