Teachers Training | February 1 – October 25
Room 104 | 7pm
Teacher’s training is the first of the two divisions and focuses on personal and ethical considerations, study methods, delivery techniques, written and verbal communications, presentation skills, et al.  While there is practical application and student interaction, it by design, is a 9-month instructor-driven course.  Instructors work with students to achieve student directed goals.

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Better Spirituality: Growing Healthier Spiritually| February 1, 8 & 15
Room 105 | 7pm
Come and discover a BETTER plan for your life that deeply changes your relationship with God. This course will move you through powerful life changing sessions to help you fulfill the God-given design for your life. You will explore subjects as the dangers of emotionally unhealthy spirituality, going back to go forward, gain through loss, how to grow into an emotionally healthy adult and more.

Better Finances: Positioning Yourself for Better | February 22, March 1 & 8
Room 105 | 7pm
A good financial plan doesn’t start with a flurry of activity or a checklist of to -dos. Instead, it starts with a vision for what success means to you. By clearly defining the kind of LIFE you want to live, you can set BETTER financial goals to help you get there.

Better Stewardship: 10 UP! The Tithe & Blessing | March 15, 22 & 29
Room 105 | 7pm
It is said that the Bible contains more than two thousand verses on the subject of Christians and their money. Did you know that the Bible associates our money with our commitment and relationship to the Lord?  What does your giving say about your relationship with God?  Come find out how you can BETTER your response to God and your financial position in 2018!

Living Better – Holidays: The Real Meaning Behind Celebrations | April 12, 19 & 26
Room 105 | 7pm
Religious observances, ethnic celebrations, national anniversaries, annual festivities!  New Year Celebrations, Easter, July 4th, Christmas and more; they all speak to us of days off and celebratory times with family and friends.  But what do they really mean?  Why are we celebrating?  Have you ever been asked as a Christian what you thought about Halloween or even Christmas?  What was your response?  Come BETTER your understanding and explore the reasons for the seasons through this mini-journey into the world of Holiday Celebrations. 

Serving Better: Discovering the Will of God for My Life | May 3, 10 & 17
Room 105 | 7pm
Do you know that God has divinely invested in you both talents and abilities to use for His Kingdom?  And, that He expects a return on His investment!  Are you operating in the vocation God has called you to?  Wait…are you even sure what the will of God is for your life?  If you, like many others, are still in a holding pattern trying to figure out where you belong, let us help as you strive for better Christian service by discovering the will of God for your life.

Better Bible Study: Reading to Live | September 6, 13 & 20
Room 105 | 7pm
Bible study – some love it, some dread it, and some ignore it completely!  Where are you on the spectrum?  You already know that to know God BETTER you need to read your Bible more.  I can hear you know…”I would if I knew how…you know, if I had a practical plan.”  Do you really want a BETTER experience when you read the Bible?  If so, we can help!  Come learn basic techniques for BETTER Bible Study!

Better Faith: The Art of Believing God | September 27, October 4 & 11
Room 105 | 7pm
But without faith it is impossible to please God – Hebrews 11:1.  Wow! What a powerful statement!  Unless you’re superhuman or have lived under a rock on planet nowhere, you too at times have struggled in your faith.  And (if we are really honest) we have sometimes failed miserably in our efforts to believe God.  While faith building is a process, your faith is strengthened by the Word and often by the testimony of others.  If you need your faith strengthened or if you have a testimony that will strengthen the walk of faith for someone else, come share with us as we, like Abraham, believe God for BETTER!

Better Prayer: The Art of Effective Prayer | October 18, 25 & November 1
Room 105 | 7pm
Prayer, it is the one of the primary means of communication for the Christian.   We are in a battle!  No battle was ever effectively engaged without effective communication.  In the art of war, effective communication is using whatever means necessary to get the message across!  The spiritual battle we engage will not be won with bombs and guns and our enemy will not be discerned with human senses.  We need prayer – effective prayer.  The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous is powerful in what it can achieve (James 5:16).  BETTER Prayer = BETTER Victories!

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