My ACS / My New Mercies Portal

Thank you New Mercies for helping us to update your information in our system.

Please watch the video and follow the directions below:

  1. Click here to access ‘MY ACS / My New Mercies portal.
  2. Enter your ‘USER NAME’ and ‘PASSWORD’ in the provided areas.  If you don’t remember your password or user name click on the links provided on the screen to ‘RESET’.  If you are new to  ACS / My New Mercies web portal, please create your profile and click the link under ‘Need A Login?’
  3. Under the ‘HOME’ tab click on “my Profile’.
  4. To update or add your information click on the information or the ‘pencil’.  Please check or update the following:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone Number(s)
  5. Don’t forget to add your photo taken in front of the new New Mercies backdrop to your profile.  To update your picture click on the pencil in the top corner and follow the upload direction.  Remember to save when you finish.

That’s It! Log out and thank you for Experiencing God’s New Mercies!

Click Here to access MY ACS / My New Mercies Portal

Join Us in Praise and Worship

A 20 Year Retrospective

with Sr. Pastor Jesse Curney III
OCTOBER 9 8AM & 10:30AM
New Mercies Christian Church