“ …These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”
– Acts 17:6b

As the Outreach Ministry works to bridge the gap between the church and the community, we seek to have an ‘everlasting’ impact on those we encounter. It is our hope to be numbered with those who have turned the world upside down! As we continue our internal work of equipping and transforming converts into converters, we seek to Transform The World with the Gospel of Christ.

New Mercies Christian Church functions in both global and local outreach initiatives. Understanding the Great Commission, we have the cultural mandate to preach the good news of Jesus Christ from our Jerusalem to the outermost parts of the world.

Director – Elder Wayne Tyus

Evangelism Ministry
Evangelism is bridging the gap between God & sinners by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, reaching them outside the walls of the church with the message of Christ, and touching them with the work of His Church.

Missions’ Ministry
While Missions are not solely evangelistic in nature, the ultimate goal of any missions ministry is to bring the world to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Some programs are concerned with church planting, others are concerned with strengthening pastors who would evangelize their communities, but the goal is to proclaim the gospel.

Prison Ministry
The Prison Ministry’s purpose is to develop programs and services that will effectively equip, empower, support and restore offenders, former offenders and families of offenders. While equipping and restoring offenders, the Prison Ministry, also seeks to train volunteers to effectively minister to their needs and to network with local agencies to meet the transitional needs of the former offender and their families.

Athletics Ministry
The goal of the Athletics Ministry is to build a ministry is to build a ministry that endorses a healthy Christian Environment of fellowship and camaraderie. Our ministry will empower the church family and the community both spiritually and socially. We will help bridge the gap and encourage participation in an effort to win souls for the building of the Kingdom of God.

We would love to connect you with one of these communities within the Outreach or Mission Ministries. For questions, or to get connected, please send an email to missions@newmerciescc.org  or call us at 770-925-8600.

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20th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
Pastor Curney and Sister Curney, the members of New Mercies Christian Church are thankful for your leadership, ministry and service for the past 20 years! Your kindness and generosity have been a blessing to every member of our church family! Thank you for your service to the families, congregation, community and everyone whose life you have touched! We have celebrated the 20th Church Anniversary, and now we want to celebrate YOUR 20th Pastoral Anniversary! Click the button for information on how you can celebrate the 20th Pastoral Anniversary of Senior Pastor Jesse Curney, III and Sister Aleana Curney!
Join us as we celebrate the 20th Pastoral Anniversary of Pastor Jesse Curney, III and Sister Aleana Curney!
20th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
The Celebration Continues....
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