New Mercies Christian Church is a body of believers united by our desire to follow Jesus Christ and committed to fulfilling the purposes set forth in our Mission Statement. If you desire to join with us and will be supportive of the beliefs, vision, and mission of our church, we warmly invite you to become a member.

Here are the three steps to becoming a member:

1. Present yourself for membership during any Worship Service when the invitation is given at the end of the message.

Our Pastor will invite those who desire to become members of New Mercies to come to the front of the Worship Center. Elders and ministers will greet you and introduce you to Member Service, who will accompany you to a quieter place where you will be guided in your decision.

2. Express your desire for membership through one of the following means:

Profession of Faith
If you have never received Jesus as Savior and Lord and/or never publicly confessed Him, you will be given an opportunity to do so. After your decision has been confirmed, an appointment will be made for your baptism at New Mercies.

Transfer of Membership
If you are currently a member of another church, we will receive you as a member-based on your Christian experience.

Statement of Faith
If you have previously made a public decision, acknowledging that you have received Christ as your Savior and Lord, we will be happy to receive you. It will be necessary for you to be baptized at New Mercies if you have never been baptized scripturally (as a believer, by immersion, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as a symbol of your salvation).

3. Attend the Member Connection class for new members.

This special orientation class for all new members will give you essential information to help you become a fulfilled, functioning member of our church. Charting out a plan for your first year at New Mercies, this class will show you how to begin building relationships in our church and will help you understand all the benefits and responsibilities of membership.

After you’ve completed these steps, we will joyfully receive you as a member of New Mercies Christian Church and you will begin to fully enjoy the benefits and blessings of being a part of our family of friends.

New Member Orientation

New Mercies Christian Church would like to invite our new members to learn more about “who we are” and “what we do” and “what we believe” by joining us at one of our upcoming New Members Class.  By attending, you will be able to enjoy a fun and relaxed gathering; you will meet several of our ministry teams and learn the heartbeat of New Mercies Christian Church.  There will also be time for Q & A, so that we can hear from you.  There will be a Ministry Fair, so that you can get connected and involved with your new church home.  And of course, if you have children, please feel free to bring them along; we have orientation for them as well.

You will receive a Member Certificate and become connected with your Deacon.  Please attend and be blessed!

To register and for more information, CLICK HERE or please contact the church office at 770.925.8600.

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