The Prophetic Hands Deaf Ministry is set forth to educate, empower and grow individuals within the deaf community. The ministry interprets the worship services, activities and community outreach; it also prepares the deaf hard to lead others to Jesus Christ.

Some of the key aspects of the Prophetic Hands Deaf Ministry are:

  • Support the building of spiritual fortitude in the ministry members.
  • Encourage unity, brotherly love and foster teamwork.
  • Provide training and opportunities that will enhance skills, as well as, improve our ministering process.
Director – Starr Rayford

Sunday School

Each Sunday, we gather together to cultivate spiritual growth through the study of God’s word and intimate fellowship. It is held in the Ministry Suite.

Enrichment Events

We encourage all members to be an intricate part of the ministry outside the walls of the church by attending events such as Silent Meetings at the Mall of Georgia each first Saturday of the month. We attend regularly scheduled events throughout the state and the country bolstering our effectiveness to communicate not only the gospel but everyday life events.

Interpreters Class

We provide in-service training for the interpreting team which consists of understanding the cultural nuances embedded within the language, along with the ramifications and consequences of not staying relevant in the ever changing environment.

We would love to connect you with one of these communities within the Prophetic Hands Deaf Ministry. For questions, or to get connected, please send an email to or call us at 770-925-8600.

Join Us in Praise and Worship

A 20 Year Retrospective

with Sr. Pastor Jesse Curney III
OCTOBER 9 8AM & 10:30AM
New Mercies Christian Church